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17 Barclay Street, Building B3, Newtown PA 18940

5246 York Road, Buckingham, PA 18902
(215) 630-7154

Consultation & Trainings

When you or a loved one is struggling with disordered eating, it is difficult to know where to start in finding the support that will be most helpful. Understanding how challenging eating disorder treatment can be to navigate, Bucks ESC offers consultations that allow for unbiased recommendations for what your next best step would be. Consultations are helpful for those struggling with eating issues, exercise concerns, or body image concerns. Clients can be self-referred, or a client may be referred for consultation services by their current therapist, medical doctor, dietician, or any other member of the client’s support system.

Consultations are two hours in length, allowing clients the time and space to share what they have been struggling with and what their goals are for the short and long term. The latter portion of the consultation will focus on recommendations for level of care and specific treatment centers and programs that might be a good fit. Our numerous years in the field has afforded Bucks ESC with a vast network of programs and professionals, allowing us to make introductions and provide direct contacts for next steps in your recovery. A clinical summary and outreach to treatment contacts can be provided if needed.
Bucks Recovery Center provides professional trainings and workshops at our two office locations as well as on site at treatment centers, medical practitioners, schools, colleges, universities, and community centers in Bucks county and the surrounding area. We have trainings that are geared toward professionals, families, teachers and school staff, as well as students and the general community. We are also able to provide interactive and engaging virtual trainings.
Bucks Support Services | Heidi J. Dalzell, PsyD

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