The After School Intensive Program

Bucks Eating Support Collaborative’s after school intensive provides high quality care for adolescents dealing with and recovering from eating disorders while they are trying to maintain the stability and structure of their lives. This modular and inclusive program takes place after school hours and can be tailored to the needs of each patient.   Bucks ESC provides individual, group, family and meal support sessions for all genders. We work in tandem with clients’ existing providers and support to provide continuity of care and the best possible treatment.  The beautiful space at BUCKS ESC is conveniently located just off of State Street in Newtown PA. Clients are able to benefit from other collaborative services through Newtown Yoga, including: massage, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, chiropractic care, wellness classes, personal training, hypnotherapy & Reiki/energy work.

The Program

Our Intensive Program for Eating Disorders is individually developed for each client.  The program is appropriate for adolescents ages 13-19 diagnosed or exhibiting symptoms of an eating disorder.  It is located in the Barclay Building in Newtown, PA. The Full Program, developed by experienced and well trained Eating Disorder specialists, includes up to 6 hours of weekly treatment in the afternoon: weekly Individual Therapy with a Clinical Psychologist, Family Therapy sessions, Individual Nutrition session with an RDN, Therapeutic Group Sessions, Yoga/Mindfulness/Art Therapy classes, Meal Support Groups, and Multi-Family Group Support. Groups begin after 4pm in the afternoon 4 days per week.  Clients may also attend individual groups and sessions without participating in the full IOP.

If clients already have an individual therapist and/or nutritionist, psychiatrist, the Program can be modified to include the groups and other clinical needs.  We will work with your current providers to provide consistent and informed care.

Unique to our Program

Our treatment model is a team-based approach which integrates all aspects of recovery with a special focus on adolescent Eating Disorders, and medication management for adolescents with co-morbid disorders such as anxiety and depression. Additionally, parental support is an integral part of the program with use of FBT (Family Based Treatment) where indicated.  We have fully integrated exercise, mindfulness and experiential work with focus on supporting healthier body image as well as nutrition counseling integrating intuitive eating approach.  Finally, there are no insurance hassles, meaning clients may stay as long as needed.

Location & Payment

Bucks Eating Support Collaborative is located in the heart of Newtown in Bucks County PA. It is a perfect place for a step down from a partial hospitalization, or an inpatient or residential program. Clients can attend the program for as long as is necessary and begin to reduce their program sessions to tailor their needs as their recovery becomes stable. We are a private pay facility, which means we can provide receipts for services for your submission to your insurance carrier for Out-Of-Network” reimbursement. Some of the primary therapists are able to accept insurance for the individual psychotherapy sessions. Clients might also consider a “treatment loan” from an outside source if insurance is not an option.

The Program can be contracted on a week to week basis as an inclusive program with all services at a discount; or it can be attended in an ‘a-la carte’ fashion, with the approval of our intake director depending on the level of care needed for effective treatment.

Treatment Program

    1. Individual Psychotherapy
    2. Family Psychotherapy Session
    3. Group Psychotherapy
    4. MFG- Multi Family Group Session
    5. Psychiatry/Medication Management
    6. Exercise Experiential & Process Session
    7. Yoga/Mindfulness/Art Therapy Class
    8. Nutrition Counseling
    9. Meal Support
    10. Eat-Out Group